How We Make Your Day Special

What makes our Photo Booth so Special, is the service and attention we give to your guests that use it! At every party, gala & event, our Photo Booth comes with at least one highly trained attendant who sets up the photo booth prior to the party starting.

The booth is discreetly positioned in the room. We conveniently choose a space where we are out of the way but close enough for your guests to easily find us. The LED lights help grab attention.

A selection of custom props are tailored to your event and are carefully laid out on near to the photo booth. Please switch props between pictures so you can have the perfect phot, silly or serious.

Once the event starts, guests are greeted at the photo booth and are always assisted. This allows guests to focus on having fun with the props & photos without ever having to figure out how to use the booth. No need to lean in to touch the start screen. Take your photos, print them out, sign the guest book and enjoy..

That’s why we’re here!

Once the photos have been printed in duplicate, the attendant directs the guests over to the party book to attach one of the photo strips onto the page & to write something memorable to the family hosting the party.

The attendant can also, help the guests attach the photos & help them write & decorate the page. The attendant is there to help guests have fun & feel comfortable with the Photo Booth & the photos they have taken. Providing an experience that is captured in a photo keepsake will make their special day memorable in years to come.

We are located in Staten Island and we also service Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Northern New Jersey as well. Call us now for a free price quote for your next party, wedding or special event!