The open air concept is an industry idea to keep photos from looking generic.

With the open air concept your event is your photo’s background.

When your guests take a photo & then take the photos home, they will be able to relive the feeling & emotion of the party or event.

Yes, photos need good lighting to become good photos. Although, we come prepared with a full lighting studio to help control the photo booth’s lighting,  we are not the event’s photographers.

BAM It Up! is an entertainment company, hired to entertain your guests and we make a memorable keepsake for your guests.

Photos print in under 15 seconds. If your package includes these very popular photo strips, our photo booth prints 2 identical strips every 15 seconds. Your guests can keep both strips or use the 2nd set to decorate your guest book.



Absolutely not
Although the booths are extremely user friendly & easy to operate, every package comes with 1-2 highly trained attendants. Our entire staff is courteous & professional.
They service the booth & ensure that your guests have a great time.
We do not charge for the set-up or removal of the booth. If you hire us for 3 hours, you get 3 hours of entertainment.


                                                                                                        In 4 EZ Steps

  1. Prop – Pick a prop. We    have hundreds of great props to choose from.
  2. Pose – Make a silly, squishy, kissy face…it’s up to you.
  3. Press – Push the big red start button or we’ll do it for you. Our booth will count down; 3-2-1, “Say Cheese” & click for all 3 photos.
  4. Print – Press the print button or we’ll do it for you. Count to 10 & out comes your photo strips. It’s that fast & easy. Get back in line & do it again!


Of course! It’s fun for everyone of every age & makes a great memory & take home keepsake.